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We can help you secure a new BMW 6 Series for under invoice price on purchases and leases.  Contact us for details.

Why use an auto broker vs. going straight to a dealership?

  • We sell based on volume and have negotiated rates with dealerships all around the area.  We give you invoice pricing (often better) without having to spend hours at a dealership haggling.
  • Instead of you going from dealership-to-dealership looking for the perfect color, trim, and package combination, we do it for you with our access across multiple dealerships in California.

Is there a fee? How do you get paid?

  • We get paid by the dealership so you don’t have to pay us anything.

Do you offer financing or lease programs?

  • Absolutely.  We can finance and lease directly through the manufacturer or help you obtain loans from other banks.  Less than perfect credit?  We can help as well.

What types of cars can you help broker?

  • All makes and models including exotics.  Not looking for a new car?  We can help you find a used car as well with our access to auction sites and dealer-to-dealer networks.

Exotics?  Tell me more.

  • We offer lease-to-buy programs as well as 24 month leases all the way up to 72 months.
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